Membership in Royal Golden Enterprise

1. Royal Golden Enterprise provides a range of services to subscribing Members. These services are contingent on timely payment of the monthly subscription. The subscription is automatically debited monthly or annually from the Member’s chosen payment method.

Note: The subscription may be cancelled at any time.

2. Royal Golden Enterprise should not be construed as offering Financial Advice or any Guarantee of Monetary return.

3. The purchase of Swiss Biblical private collectibles is not contingent to payment of the monthly subscription.

4. Services provided to Members include the following but not limited to;

  a. Educational & Personal Development Coaching Programs by World Renowned Trainers

  Royal Golden Enterprise gold and silver Biblical private collectibles and Kineheart are manufactured and certified by Argor-Heraeus SA Refinery Switzerland.

5. It is a requirement of all participating Members including Free Account holders to be "KYC" (Know Your Customer) compliance approved prior to purchasing any Royal Golden Enterprise collectibles or to be PAID. You are required to submit the following:

  a. ONE government-issued identity document with your photograph. This can be a driver's license, national ID card, passport or military ID.

You will be required to follow these steps:
  1. Complete the Form A as provided in platform.
  2. You will receive an email with your completed document attached.
  3. Open the email, and then print, sign and scan this document.
  4. ALSO scan a government-issued identity document.
  5. Upload your scanned documents: you will receive an email showing you how to do this.

All information provided such as name and address, is EXACTLY THE SAME as the information on your government-issued identity.

6. Royal Golden Enterprise provides Members a buy back option at the Argor – Heraeus Refinery London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) Sell Price

7. Members may have their grams of gold or silver converted to small ingots and Biblical private collectible coins displayed in the Royal Golden Enterprise catalog. A product conversion fee is charged for this service. The product conversion fee for each product is shown in the catalog and will vary depending upon weight, precious metal type and design.

8. The pricing of all precious metals transactions, whether the Member is purchasing or selling back, is based on the next days' Argor – Heraeus Refinery LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) buy or sell price at the time of the transaction order.

9. All proceeds of sell-back transactions or other moneys forwarded to a Member will only be paid to the Member’s account as per the Membership compliance Know Your Customer "KYC" approved account or bank details. No funds will be paid to a third party account holder.

10. Services to Members include access to the Real Wealth Revolution Coaching Program.

11. Members may cancel their subscription to Royal Golden Enterprise at any time. Cancelation may be executed by the following methods:
  - Using the Cancellation function on the Member’s online account page
  - Sending a secure message to support@royalgoldenenterprise.com including the Member's full name and account number

12. Inactive Members will continue to have online access to their Royal Golden Enterprise account to execute the following functions:
  - View their private collectibles
  - Shipping to approved Federal Express shipping addresses. P.O.Box is not acceptable.

13. Members who have shipping orders pending will be deducted storage & service fees from your Royal Golden Enterprise account with a minimum monthly fee of $7 per month until such time as the Member has successfully completed shipping process.

14. Free account holders and Inactive Members will have reduced programs and may incur fees in accordance with their specific service request.

15. A Royal Golden Enterprise Free Account holder may at any time upgrade to a Royal Golden Enterprise Member and receive the benefits that Membership offer.

The holder Free Saver Account and or Inactive Member Account are subject to:
  1. Not receiving Royal Golden Enterprise - Real Wealth Revolution Coaching programs and monthly webcasts.
  2. Sell back orders will incur a minimum treasury and process fee of 2.97% or a minimum charge of $30.00.
  3. Storage fees are charged at an annual fee of 0.17% of holding value with a minimum monthly fee of $7 per month as detailed in the Storage document.

A Royal Golden Enterprise Free Account holder may at any time upgrade to a Royal Golden Enterprise Member and receive the benefits that Membership offer. In the case that a person has been the holder of Free Account and has a gold and silver holding they will be required to be an active Member for a consecutive period of 6 months before the benefit of sell back will be in accordance with the provision as detailed for an Active Member.

16. Royal Golden Enterprise reserves the right to add to, reduce or change the services provided and the subscription cost of Membership at any time. Members will be notified prior to any such changes, and may choose at that time to continue or cancel their Membership.

Changes to these Terms

We reserve the right, at our complete discretion, to change these terms and conditions at any time by posting revised terms on the site. It is your responsibility to check periodically for any changes we may make to these terms and conditions.

Your continued use of this site following the posting of changes to these terms or other policies means you accept the changes.